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Once again Facebook’s shady activities are under the spotlight, due to the new iPhone software update

Recently, Facebook is once again under the spotlight of critics after the beta version of an upcoming major software update for iPhone was rolled out. The users have started to get a suspicious notification after downloading the recent update, and the notification says: “Facebook Application Would Like to Use Your Bluetooth.” Apple has added some new privacy features in the upcoming software update, that is launching this week. This collection of new features gives control of privacy data to the user, and they can decide what data they would like to share with any app. Facebook and Google are pushing harder to harvest user data for improved advertisements. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has criticized this business model by calling it “Data Industrial Complex,” this upcoming iOS 13 updates has detected shady activities of apps like YouTube and Facebook, these apps use various methods for harvesting data that were there from a long time. 

These apps use one method that quietly tracks the user’s physical location and its proximity to surrounding smartphones with the help of Bluetooth technology. Facebook gathers personal data of users related to their connections with other users, and it also uses GPS data to track the locations of users. Facebook can use these data harvesting practices for its new dating platform that rivals with Tinder and Bumble. Like, Facebook could notice that you are regularly visiting someone at their residence, which is different from users whom you meet only at the workplace. This type of data can be used to refine the advertisements that are tailored for you. You can turn off the location services from the phone, and Facebook can still know where you are by using other methods like check-ins, functions you visit and basically, internet connection. These practices have triggered a train of criticism from the users.