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Facebook’s Announced a plan to Rebranding it’s Instagram and WhatsApp platforms

Facebook announced to rebrand its social media platform Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, under the name of Facebook. This announcement is a bit ironic in the year 2019. This strategic branding change be like purchasing a luxury boat and renaming it as ‘Yachts from Titanic’. The changes will appear in the apps on log-in screens and in the both Google Play and Apple iOS stores. In March, the Facebook spokesperson said they were testing the new names.
Recently, Facebook’s is the parent company of Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook, Inc. is an US-based online social media and social networking service company serving globally. Facebook Inc. announced to take a major step to merge its systems. Which could let users exchange messages from all its different mobile apps worldwide. Some key points are: a survey conducted in 2018, showed that many of Instagram and WhatsApp subscribers/users didn’t know that apps were owned by the Facebook company. Most people were not known about the products and services it owns or offers, and users were not aware of who is owner their favorite apps. Instagram has been greatly benefited from maintaining its own branding identity, as well as separate from Facebook in mind of users.
In October 2018, Facebook introduced its Portal video-calling device. This launched increased the users of Facebook and people installed FB in their devices containing cameras. In June 2019, the company announced a detailed plan to enter the virtual currency market by 2020. With the Calibra and Libra coin digital wallet. Along with the partnership with some other companies including, Uber, Spotify, Visa, Vodafone, and others. According to a few research survey, it is reported that more than 40% of Americans people were taking a break from checking Facebook’s app on their phone. Last month, Facebook agreed to pay US$5 billion for the settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. It paid approximately 20 times higher than any a tech company for a privacy related violation.